Sunday, August 19, 2007

Photos of sea monsters

Today i find some photos of water creatures. Hope you will enjoy this. Sometimes its really incredibly :)

1. Chimaeras. Shark-ghost or Rabbitfish. Poisonous thorns on fins.
Chimaeras Chimaeras

2. Viperfish. Viper. All is clear: canines and a jaw.
Viperfish Viperfish

3. Pelican eel. Grig.

The squid found in a stomach.

5. Colossal Squid. The giant. Ktulhu fhtagn!

6. –ěcean sunfish. Moonfish. Mola mola. Reaches at length of 3 m and weights of 1410 kg. Capture of a supergiant in length of 5,5 m is fixed.

7. Stargazers. Poison, canines, electroshock. A hypnotizing sight.

8. Grenadiers (rattails). The grenadier. A rat tail.

Male sounds similar to drumbeat to involve female.

9. Oarfish. Oar. A greater fish, 11 meters.

10. Megamouth shark. Deep-water.

11. Fangtooths. Canines.

12. Firefly squid. A glowworm. Scientists approve, that it is only one of cephalopoda,
which have color sight.

13. Handfish. A small fish with handles. It is covered by poisonous thorns, walks on a bottom.

14. Coffin fish. A coffin. The dangerous ugly creature. In case of danger, swallows of water and it is inflated so, that it cannot be swallowed.

15. Dragonfish. The Way of life is precisely unknown.

16. Blobfish. A droplet.The air bubble does not work for it, develops gel which density is less, than at water. By means of this magic gel rises and falls. Muscles a weak, therefore simply swallow all alive on the way.

17. Sea cucumber. Breathes through the priest, receiving oxygen from sea water

18. Lizardfish. Lizard.

19. Not clear draw.