Monday, May 12, 2008

The shaggy spider – formidable enemy of birds

This being is very big (it can be for 15 cm) and poisonous. They inhabit only in the tropics. There may be roughly 600 species of spider-robbers. Some of them, which are the largest, are not poisonous for people. Another spider’s stings are mortal for people.

Big spiders hunt in the night. They don’t like sunlight and hide in the grass, under ground in the holes, under trees roots. Spiders don’t have so paws so as a mole but they can dig rather deep hole. Shaggy spiders don’t make web, they usually attack their prey.

Thanks to little hairs on the spider’s paws they can climb along the trees. Spiders can fall from the highest trees and don’t hurt oneself: their paws help like a parachute.

Hairs are very thin and brittle on the spider’s paws, so you don’t touch he: these hairs are like splinters and your hand can get inflamed because of them.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Miracles of Mauritius

A bird that couldn’t fly.

Scientists have found bits as a skeleton of one of the most famous of all extinct animals, the dodo. The dodo was a big bird, that couldn’t fly. It died out more than 300 years ago. Scientists say that the fat clumsy dodo was hunted to extinction by people. They also think, that the bird didn’t do much to help itself survive. The dodo was known to be slow-moving and not afraid of people, hunted it. Even the bird’s name, dodo, comes from the Portuguese, word for “fool”.

Gerald Durrell, the famous writer and zoologist, thought that the dodo died out because of human’s irresponsibility. The dodo lived in a Mauritius island in the Indian Ocean. There weren’t predators in the island, so the dodo and many other birds didn’t know what is danger. Their nests were not on the trees but on the ground. People brought dogs, cats, rats, pigs, monkeys in the island. They have suppressed the inhabitants of this little world, and people were the most dangerous predator. They hadn’t thought about salvation of the rare animals.
But now zoologists have taken care of different rare animals and birds of Mauritius. One of them is
the pink pigeon, dawn-color bird

The pink pigeon is inhabitant of Mauritius. They live in the dense forests of island and have sonorous voice. Pink pigeons usually sing their songs in the evening. These charming birds don’t afraid of people. So they also had suffering because of people and especially because of monkeys, which ruined their nests. Roughly 50 years ago they were only 33 birds on the island. Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust was the first who helped pink pigeons to survive.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Some animals can do much better than the famous sportsmen!
Sea snakes can dive 100 meters deep and stay under the water for up to 5 hours. Some sea snakes can swim at the rate of 1 meter per second.

Incredibly, the sailfish can swim faster than a cheetah can run. Its top speed is 109 km an hour.

Squirrel monkeys sometimes leap straight into the air from the tree tops to catch insects. Sometimes these leaps are up to 60 meters.