Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The fisherman has caught the monster which has died out 80 million years ago - SENSATION from Indonesia

Some news from Indonesia: :)

Indonesian fisherman has luck: he caught the ancient alive fossil fish. Its length was 1,3 meters and weight was 50kg. Justinus Laama was fishing on the Sulawesi Island, when he caught a Coelacanth into his fishing net. Coelacanth is a fish from Crossopterygii group, extinct in the Cretaceous period.

"That monster have foots and green phosphor eyes", - Justinus told.
Laama sailed to the port and released Coelacanth to pond, which is owned by fish restaurant. Here the fish lives for 17 hours. After this, fish was caught again and, then, has been freeze.

Coelacanth was widespread fishes allover the world in Devonian period - more than 360 millions years ago. That huge, meaty fished, covered by bluish thick scales, with paired find and third-blades tail. They eat other fish by catching the victim with small teeth and entirely swallow it.


As was considered earlier, that kind of fishes has disappeared from the person of the Earth 80 million years ago.
In 1938 on east coast of South Africa, the Coelacanth was caught for the first time.

For the last some years in Tanzania, almost 30 Coelacanth fishes was caught in nets. One fish has been caught a couple of weeks back.
Experts explain it to those that due to impoverishment of resources on Shoaliness fishermen are compelled to throw networks to the greater depth, where ancient fishes are living.

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