Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Parrot fish, lionfish and clown fish

The blue parrot fish, as the name suggest, has beaklike jaws. When young, these fish are light blue. They turn darker blue as they get older.

The lionfish is one of the most unusual creatures on the reef. Its spines are very poisonous and can be dangerous even to humans. The lionfish uses its spines to defend itself, not to attack.
On of the biggest dangers to the Great Barrier Reef are the thorny starfish which multiply in huge numbers and crunch their way through the living corals. Few creatures will eat them as they are quite poisonous.

The clown fish lives among the tentacles of large sea anemones. This brightly colored fish is immune to the anemone’s stinging tentacles. It helps to attract other fish that the anemone catches and eats. So the clown fish is in safety and isn’t hungry.

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